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Classification Typ IX, Light Shuttle
Year of Construction: from 2370 on
Amount: over 700
Crew: 1-2 men Crew, 2 Passengers
Armament: 2 Type-4 Phaser-Arrays
1 Type-4 Phaser-Emitter, Efficiency in total: 200 TeraWatt
2 Micro-Torpedolauncher with 60 Microtorpedos
Defense: Duranium/Tritanium-Hull
Shield-Output app. 40500 TeraJoule
Speed: Usually: Warp 8
Maximum: Warp 8.4
Temporary (max. 3 Hours): Warp 9
Dimensions (LxBxH) 9.19m x 3.8m x 2.95m
Mass: 850kg (unconfirmed)
Exp. economic life-time: app. 50 years
Additional Informations: The USS Voyager was the second ship after the USS Intrepid equiped with this new Type of Shuttles. They have a higher cruising speed than the Type 6 Shuttles, also they're far superior in Armament and Defense, but they are smaller than Type 6 Shuttles.
This Shuttle-Type is also equiped with the same Computersystem as the USS Voyager.
Thomas Eugene Paris established on Stardate 49373.4 a new Record: He broke through the Warp 10 Barrier with the Shuttle Cochrane thanks to a new kind of Dilithium.

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