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Classification: unknown; the Delta Flyer is an enhanced Shuttle
Year of Construction: Stardate 52100 (USS Voyager)
Amount: 2
Note: The first Shuttle was destroyed 2376, the second one was build 2377
Crew: 4, maximum Capacity unknown
Armament: Photon-Rockets, based on Borg-Technology
Mivortorpedos Type ACA-PS9
Defense: Parametallic hard-facing
Speed: unknown; highest known speed: Transwarp
Dimensions(LxBxH) 17.14m x 10.28m x 16.2m
Mass: 1805.6kg
Exp. economic life-time: unknown
Additional Informations: Designed by Lt. T. E. Paris
Within one week the Voyager-Crew succeeded to build this Shuttle, designed and planned by Tom Paris. It is superior to the Class-2 Shuttles (Type 6 and 9); it's bigger and needs four Men Crew: Pilot, OPS, Weaponsystems and an engineer.
The Delta-Flyer is aerodynamic and can also move in water. It's shields are based on the shield-design by Tuvok for a probe.
Harry Kim installed isomagnetic EPS-Circuits to maximise the energy distribution. Something special are some controlls - Tom Paris replaced a few Displays and Touchscreens by ancient buttons and charts, inspired by the Holonovel Captain Proton.

Delta Flyer im Bau Delta Flyer im Flug

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