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Downloadscript done& Maprelease
yes. i know. once upon a time.... Today i had to finish the downloadscript because of the release of the Sven Co-op map Richard Boderman.
Grab your copy in case you play Sven Coop.

New Website in process
This will be a miscellanious website for all my topics. It will be multi-language, therefore it takes a while.
Also I'm going to cut off some parts of my old website. Overall i will keep the parts Star Trek: Voyager and Wolves from my old website and i will add Puchi's World and the MarySP Website.
As for MarySP, i keep the CMS and probably just adapt the design. Puchi's World will be integrated completly, like the two other parts from my primary website.

greetings, Sebastian "Puchi" "Pool".


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